Property Guidance Center provides you a Best Guidance and advice about your Properties. We are giving you total guidance of buying and selling properties. Also provides Technical Guidance, Legal Guidance, Place Guidance and Financial Guidance.

Buying Guidance

PGC provides you to guidance about at which time and which rate you are ready to buy a property. It also provide guidance about what to buy? It also provide guidance about what makes more sense-Rent or Buy?

Selling Guidance

PGC provides Selling Guidance for selling your Properties. It can help to set the best price for your home and ensuring your home is at its best for viewings.It also provide facility for choosing agent.

Technical Guidance

PGC can provide technical guidance like send and receive automated Email & SMS to the customers for giving advice about our Property.

Legal Guidance

PGC provides you to legal guidance about property title investigation, registration, verification, Tax advisory.

Place Guidance

PGC provides total guidance and information like Place value, History, price, future demand and etc. to their customers about the places/areas where they want to buy or sell their dream houses, flats, farms, shops, and etc. properties.

Financial Guidance

PGC is not just for buying and selling properties but it help you to guide about financial terms and situations for your best investment on your properties. We are ready to provide you any information and guidance required about Home Loan and Loan against Property. We enable you to make informed decision to fulfill their needs and help them in getting the dream home, office, etc.  Of their choice.