Buy Services

  • PGC can offer you the advice and help you expect when purchasing a property.Purchase of house also offered by us to our client in reasonable value that satisfy our client requirement.We offer our customers with a wide range of commercial properties which fulfill the various requirements of the customers. Our experts offer a large number of options to the customers of available properties are also assist them in making the correct decision that suits all their needs.
  • Commercial Property, Rental Property, Industrial Plots, Apartments, Farm House, Bungalows etc. View More

Sell Services

  • Property Guidance Center’s entire focus is on getting the best result for our client and ensuring the process runs smoothly along the way.
  • We offer our clients Buying & Selling of Property and help the clients to get exactly what they want in sufficient manner.
  • We recognize that our job is not just about selling properties, but we are in the business of helping people to move.
  • We understand the stresses and emotions involved in selling a property, and we use all of our experience to make sure that the process runs as smoothly as possible and that we do everything we can to achieve the very best result for you.
  • PGC provides you financial guidance, area guidance, technical guidance and selling guidance also. View More

Professional Services

  • We provide full Services for buying and selling by expert professionals like Techno-legal advisors, approved Valuers, Real Estate Brokers,which/who are expert in Real Estate Property Management.We offer personalized, prompt and reliable service.  Your satisfaction is our first priority. We have a proven track record of customer and client satisfaction.  The keys to our success are flexibility, versatility, education, experience, and loyalty to our clients. View More

Financial Services

  • Property Guidance Center is always ready to provide you any information and guidance required about Home Loan and Loan against Property. We are highly experienced in solutions regarding property financing. We are guiding the customers through the various options available in the market. We enable our clients to make informed decision to fulfill their needs and help them in getting the dream home of their choice. View More